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Ivory Medallion By Phillip Montgomery

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Here is a work that i recently finished it is out of Legal ivory with a star ruby set in the nest. the piece is about 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches and at least .75 of an inch thick with a lot of undercutting and free standing elements. Its a pendant . Larger pics can be seen at my deviantart page. I used a fordom Flex shaft to do the carving then files sand paper and polishing wheel for the finish work ,which im constantly struggling to get better at. I swear, finish work is 60% of a carving and the most tedious part, wear the fun part ie, the carving, is like only 40%


I am fairly happy with this piece but when i are working bone or ivory i really try to carve to my best as it can just take detail so much better then horn.


Hope you enjoy it


Phillip Montgomery


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