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Handy Little Netsuke

Richard P

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I fancied carving a snake Netsuke but didn't want to do just a normal one so thought it would look good having him sitting on a hand.

Its carved from a single piece of boxwood measuring 1 1/2 inch X 1 inch, has polished Ebony inlays for eyes, he's stained with leather dye and finished off with a few coats of oil.

All comments welcome.









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Hi Richard,


It makes me smile. I happen to like little snakes. You have captured the hand characteristics very well, though the snake looks a little stiff rather than all fluid curves.


What oil have you used? How does leather dye differ from other colorants? It seems to have done a good job for coloring the boxwood.



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Thank you Janel for letting me know about the snake, I knew something wasnt quite right but couln't put my finger on it.

I used danish oil because thats all i've got same too for the leather dye. This is only the third carving i've done using box wood so have no idea what to do with it, really could do with lots of advice and help on the subject.

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