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New Project By Cornel Schneider


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(...message from Cornel Schneider...)


On the attached photos, You can see an order wich I realized over the new year.

The customer wished a copy of a design from Kano Tomokazu. This Netsukeshi

carved it 190 years ago. Kano Tomokazu was a superb carver I very like this design.

If You like, You can publish the photos on TCP. The netsuke is carved of box and 52

mm long, with buffalo horn eyes. The case is turned also from boxwood.

I can imagine, that I carve larger pieces in future, in the style of the actual work,

lets see what the future brings.


Cornel Schneider


(...photos posted by Janel for Cornel Schneider...)


tomokazu project finish 011.jpg


tomokazu project finish 013.jpg


tomokazu project finish 020.jpg


tomokazu project finish 021.jpg


tomokazu project finish 022.jpg

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Thank You all for the attention, the compliments :)


Also if this piece was not so difficult like ukibori-adventures

at example, I have had really fun to carve it.

It is a "Hommage a Kano Tomokazu" !

I hope he would not be angry, that I took his design.....



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