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Gem Steam Machine

Hans Meevis

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Here is the latest project that I have finished. Although it does not strictly comply with carving in the pure sense, I did do quite a lot of stone carving, along with machining,faceting and metal work on this machine..

But you know, here there be some astoundingly brilliant carvers and with much respect, I walk very lightly here.


This is what is known in steam machine circles as an oscillating steam machine. Or in common parlance, a wobbler.

Base and cross support is made out of Nephrite jade from Canada.

The cylinder ( the clear part) is made out of Brazilian quartz.

The top is closed with Australian chryoprase and Zimbabwean aquamarine.The piston (purple) is made out of South African sugalite from the western Cape and the conrod and upright supports (red) are made out of Red jasper from Pilgrims rest in the Eastern Transvaal, SA. ( that’s where I found the raw material)

The front upright is also made from Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. ( That is where the air or steam runs through.)

The flywheel (black) is made out of black Chalcedony, and the two shafts from Smoky quartz and Rose quartz from Namibia.

The crank (purple) is made out of a lamination of Sugalite and Chrysoprase.


Here is another view, showing the other side with the cut and carved rods and washers.

At the bottom left is the inlet pipe and the top silver pipe is the outlet, like a steam engine would have. :)

Anyway, I have no idea if one can insert a video in this post, but I have a you tube channel called gemhund ( figures, doesn't it?)

and the video of it actually running is at


Cheers, Hans

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You do not shy away from complex tasks.

Thanks Janel.

I made a sort of new years resolution to really push myself in making or trying to make things that I am not sure will be successful.

When I look at this site and the artists like yourself, Natasha, Cornel, and many others, I am completely inspired.

Even though my discipline is not Netsuke per se, I understand the discipline behind it and those brilliant pictures that are posted on this site are a continual source of "Hans,stop moaning, and get on with it" thing.

Cheers, Hans

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Here here! "Stop moaning and get on with it!" Good words to all of us!!


TCP is not just about netsuke. Your work, your ideas and talent are very right for the forum, and I am happy to see the new works that you share with us!


Using stone to create a machine . . . no one said you could not do it . . . and you did it! What a fun concept to see.



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