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Canadian Ivory Ray

Bella Nicol

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Lately I've been out of work when it comes to drywall taping, so I've had time to get aquainted with my materials.

This is from one of the two pieces of left over sperm whale tooth. A majority was consumed with the previous sturgeon piece.


I have always wanted to create one of these, when I was younger Manta Ray's and Sting Ray's were my favorite creatures, and I cannot allow any of the material to go to waste.

Rough shape with Dremel tool, chisels and files for the majority, then sanded 150-2000, buffed and polished with compound, very fine finish. This is the first piece I have decided is ready to sell although not anatomically correct.

Thank you for your time.


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Bella, love the shape and design, nice smooth lines, how hard is sperm whale tooth in relation to stone, does it polish as high as a piece of good quality jade.


Cheers michael B


Hello Michael,

Thank you for your comments and time. When taking into consideration the high mineral levels in ivory, I would imagine it would polish very similar in relation to hard gems. I have not taken the opportunity to carve any gems myself, however from my experience with the ivory I can tell you it has an extremely high, and fine polish. It is truly a beautiful work of nature!

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