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A Large Carved Drinking Horn

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Hi Philip,


Very impressive work. How did you proceed to "glue" the inlays on the horn? If you call them inlays I guess they are not just glued?


Did you apply some bee wax or some other thing inside the horn?



Thank you very much!!!


The large figure carved pieces where attached with, amazingly enough, a white liquid nails, as it is a very strong adhesive and it fills any space not perfectly fit to the horn. It could when dry be carved /formed to appear as if it was the bone where it might show. I had to score the horn and the bone to give the adhesive something to hold on to but other then that it has held up VERY well for going on 5 years now.


I seal all of my drinking horns, that I do, with only Raw bees wax. It lends so much to the beverages that the ,to me ,commercial petroleum or oil sealants just cant compare with it . Especially if drinking a mead or beer from it.

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Hey Phillip,

very nice work as usual. I am always glad to see another of your pieces. I would as a boon, from you if I might. The next time that you do a piece similar to your small wolf's head horn, would you mind putting together a tutorial, on doing inlays, like you did on the teeth. I know it would probably help out quite a few, that are following behind yourself, in skill level. I know it would definitely help me quite a bit.


Again, Fantastic work, Brother.




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Very impressive Phillip. Thanks for sharing. Any sequential photos would be much appreciated.




Hey Jim, there actually is a photo log of me making it here http://bonecarverpm.deviantart.com/gallery/

you will find it in my how to gallery I have several series of horns and how I carved them in a step by step basis. I didnt want to re-post all the pics here to save space that link should be good. I hope it helps !

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