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larry harley

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Email, laundry, gathered plums, household tasks, got ready to vacuum but the email and TCP pulled me away from the task. You might guess that I am not getting back to carving right away! There are documents and correspondences to deal with post-show, some R&R too. I am still tired from the stresses. Getting into a carving would be grand, but I've left way too many things undone to get started right away. Oh, we waved farewell to our highschool freshman son as he departed for his first day of school. The day is young and more running around to be done, lessons for our son - chauffeuring tasks after school until the sun sets.


(wishing I could lay out under the trees in the breeze and watch the leaves blow for a while smilie) Janel

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Hi Larry,


Now that our gallery show has ended, my wife dropped another bombshell - the local studio tour the end of September. So, having thought I was done with carving basket lids for a short while, not so fast. So here's what I did today - the beginning of a lid, in its' still wet state. When dry in about an hour, I'll fire it at 1650 F for two hours, it will be about an inch and a half in diameter, and fine silver. Then inlay it into a wooden lid (probably ebony, if the boss concurs).


Get well soon, Larry!


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finished a couple of maple box compasses for customers,started another dozen small round compasses. picked up about a hundred pounds of wind fall apples and took the to the deer farm. heard that Bowie will be at Ray's sometime saturday morning.



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guys please keep me up to date on these wonderful projects

janel those things wear me out too

id soon as work as go to shows

i only got so many grins and hand shakes and back slapns

then i run out

i,m empty


i can can see the veins and textur on the leaves already!!!


that is so far out of my relm that it drops my jaw!!!:)

more pics as u go please



show it before and after u fire it!!


u got more talent than the law ougth to allow

all uall r such great talents


give bowie my best

neet boxes:)

i got appletrees and a cyder press

but dont know if i,ll be able to get that all togather this yr

ive learned a lot from u all

this forum really made a difference in my work



plugn away


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Hey Possum, here are a few of my latest - we're getting ready for a studio tour next week, and since all of our other work is in Seattle, we had to get to work making more baskets. No rest for the wicked, I guess.


I've been playing with hardwood inlays recently, so have two lids (dragonfly and frog) with colored wood inlays. The largest basket is 4 inches in diameter.


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And lastly, a couple of bird skulls in moose antler, the one with the dark bill (raven) will be another basket lid - the Northwest Native American legend of raven stealing the sun. You can see a ziricote inlay of a raven feather (pyrographed as well) and a yellowheart sun inlay, in a tulipwood base.


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