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Engraving Eggshells

Sonya P.

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Hello Everyone,


It is a pleasure to be here. I have just learned of this wonderful site & look forward to meeting some new friends.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some people already and and am very thankful for their hospitality.


I am going to try to send some picture of some Eggshells I have engraved. I have very little experience with pictures so bare with me please.


Engraving an eggshell will defiantly be one of a kind.


Have a fun day.


Sonya P.post-3139-0-56004500-1329454345.jpg

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Hello Sonya,


Well done! You succeeded with the photo resizing and placement very nicely.


(If you want to not have the duplicate image showing, use the "Full Editor" and highlight/delete the phrase, including the brackets, that is in the text box with your message. You have placed the image twice, and should see the phrase that places the image.)


The goose egg looks very thin and fragile. What tools do you use for such careful work?



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