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Carving Noob


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Hi everyone, I'm a student in Wellington, New Zealand. My partner studies industrial design so I've used some of his tools to carve gifts for my family from bone. I'll upload pictures once they're finished.


For my father, who is a minister in the Uniting Church of Australia, I've designed and made (with rather a lot of help from aforementioned partner) a necklace showing a bird based on the bird in the Uniting Church logo:


The bird symbolises the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition. In the negative space between the wing and the tail, there is a koru, signifying new growth. I've made inlaid paua shell eyes on either side, set in a brass tube.


My plan is to make it a necklace and also make a wooden wall hanging (he doesn't wear necklaces very often and has said he'd prefer it to be on display). I've decided to give it a Maori title, since I've borrowed elements of Maori symbology and our family does have Maori heritage. However my Te Reo is pretty rusty (I grew up mostly in Australia). I know there are several other New Zealanders on this forum - does anyone know if the following phrase is grammatically correct and appropriate?


Te manu o te Ariki

(The bird of the Lord)



Te manu o Ihowa

(the bird of God)


It's been really satisfying seeing the carving develop, and I'd really like to improve my skills in carving. As a student, I have a lot of free time and not a lot of money, so it's great to be able to make gifts like this!

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Kia ora Merrin. I too are from Wellington, but am currently living in Sydney. My Te Reo is limited, but I've always used Maori names for my carvings, and have had plenty of advice and guidance on using Te Reo. Te manu o te Ariki seems grammatically correct, but I would say Te manu o te Atua, rather than Ariki. Ariki is more for a physical being, like a paramount chief. Atua would be a better description for a divine entity.


Hope this helps. Mauriora,



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