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Chrysoprase 'swish'

David G

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Here is carving effort #2, another hard stone carving. This is really high quality chrysoprase from Malborough in Queensland it has a good stong colour and is nearly flawless, unfortunately one of the flaws is visible on the lower left hand side of the piece, it does not break the surface but is noticeable. The design of this piece was driven by the need to maximise the clean stone between voids and to continue the exploration of flowing lines creating the illusion of lightness in solid stone. The shape of the rough suggested the shape of the final piece. I originally had a longer arc on the bottom section (See photo of original slab) that looked really good and was I feel more dynamic but there were a few flaws there so I cut them out thus evening up the top and bottom.


The main flaw as far as I am concerned is shape of the internal void, I need to get better with these. The polish is consistent but not a bright as chrysoprase can produce for some reason. My eldest daughter has claimed it as hers, just need to add a gold jump ring.


The first photo shows the slab and original design options.



This is the preform after grinding and before final shaping and sanding.



The last 4 photos are of the finished piece. As always suggestions or hints for improvement most welcome (especially how to get sharper lines on the inside voids).







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David, great work, nice shape and style, not easy to work this stone, great attempt for your second one.


Cheers michael B


Thanks Mick,

I may try it on the Cerium to see if I can get a better polish. I got the point in snading where I was making it worse so i called it quits.


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