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Hello everyone! So much time I had nothing for boast! This sculpture took so much time!

The subject of "Babilon" is a little bit biblical (Babilonian whores), a little bit History (cult of Goddess Ishtar and her priestess) and a lot of fantasy!

So, it was carved from walrus tusk, 34 cm tall.



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Hello Natasha!


I am in awe!


Floating ribbons, strands of pearls, and the billowing hair raises the complexity tremendously for carving. One of those elements alone would be challenge enough to execute. As well, you have created gorgeous women, with beautiful hands and tiny fingers.


What a stunning accomplishment! The dedication and patience you have given to this deserves a hearty congratulations !!!




Just a wee bit of shop talk, I am curious about the white powder in the bottle cap. Is that something that you used to bring such a high gloss to the ivory?



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Natasha !


What an unbelievable crazy composition You made with this sculpture......!!!

I am veeeeery impressed......really...... and if I think about all the

difficult corners and undercuts, the almost unpossible sections wich

You have managed.......CONGRATULATION !!! :):):)

How many patiently weeks,months and how much imaginative power must

be in this sculpture........ ?


Amazing and Wonderful !!!



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Absolutely beautiful, voluptuous, incredible, stunning, wonderful, amazing. You are truly one of the best when it comes to bringing something like this out of a piece of Ivory, thank you so much for your talent and sharing it with all of us at the forum.


All my best ............. Danny

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Speechless in envy and admiration of your craft.


Superlatives are not good enough anymore to describe all those details and care taken in executing them.

You are working in voids that seem not possible to reach, yet you manage, and with perfection; no less.


Congratulation to the completition of this master-piece, and thank you for sharing. Kurt

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