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Nickel Pendants

JP Anderson

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Thanks for the comments. I learned everything I know on this this and the engraving forums. My process is trial and error thus the following may contain bad advice.


I started out using a few homemade tools and have come to enjoy a minimalist approach. I dome my nickels with a ball peen hammer and a flat hard surface. By pounding on just one side the nickel will dome nicely without a round form. Use lots of light taps. If you screw up grab another nickel.


Below is a picture of my tools. I only use 5 or 6 tools in the process. Most of the work is done with the two tools on the left, a narrow V and a flat graver. I know how to do transfers but on a nickel like this I draw my design directly on surface with a Sharpie ultra-fine marker and refine that with very light marks with a sharp metal scribe.


I lightly cut the outline with the V tool using wiggle cuts and work the design deeper with repeated cuts. When I have a line cut as deep as I like I will smooth with push cuts and/or a scraper. If it's sculpted I go at it with the flat till it's to the counter I want and then clean things up with a scrapper (under the bracelet). I keep fussing away till I'm somewhat happy.

That's the basics.





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