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Freeforming Unknown Material

Kurt K

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Have not done much recently, but closing in on the finishline with this abstract rendering of a freeform.


Material: unknown localy found rock.

Seize: 60 x 25 millimeter

Doublesided Pendant






Love the subdued colors in it.



Ohh yeah, I needed something for Valentine :)

Tiger Eye







Thanks for looking, and any hints in regards to possible improvements are always welcome.Kurt


Ps.: Thanks for the new look Janel, the site looks fantastic!

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The freeform one is really looking good and the material...well lucky you to find that kind of stuff where you are.

For the second one, I like the idea, but due to the poor quality of the finish piece picture cannot say much about it...but cool you post an ongoing procedure pictures....

Take care



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Thanks guys.


Christophe, will organice a better picture of the Tiger Eye when the sun finally comes back out. By then the freeform, should be finished too. So I suppose by the end of the week it should be ready.


As for finding this kind of stone: I keep looking since years; this is pretty much the first useable stone that actually allows itself to be polished up to jewlery standard.Got lucky a few months ago and now I dont know where I found it. LOL Hong Kong is a very poor place for polisheable material besides Granite and some single coloured boring Rhyiolite.

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Hi Kurt,


I really like the free form the lines are nice and clean (I like that in a piece), trying to sand and polish the little spaces sends me nuts too so I am afraid I cannot add much there.


I find the blue tigereye more fibrous than the yellow stuff so the polish will always be marginal, that said, the stuff you have looks really solid. I love all your work.



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