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brian nilson

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my name is Brian Nilson. I began my career in the dental field. I have owned a dental lab for 12 years now and i also have run a small custom jewelry shop at the same time. i am now moving into a new building and making my store larger and more visible. i like to work with gold and titanium and i sometime cut my own gems. mixing the dental and jewelry has allowed me to explore different possibilities with my work and the equipment is great (i'm a tool junkie). i am now looking to expand on the jewelry side of my life and this new location i am moving into should allow me an interesting "test run". i recently took a class with thomas herman and he taught me among other things, the art of making my own hammers and punches. one of the things i am starting to look into is making chisels to carve steel. i am an avid hunter and shooting sportsman, so it would be nice to learn a little about gun engraving. that is how i wandered on to this site. i have grown bored of facebook and i hope this turns out to be a great site to fill those moments in my life that i wish to do nothing other than interact online.


my new shop is still being built and i do have a website up. if anyone else has a website and is interested in critiquing my online presentation i welcome comments. just message me and i'll send you the address (i don't wish to look like i'm trying to drum up sale from this forum)


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Hello Brian,


Welcome! Tom Herman is a great guy, I am glad that you have had some time with him. (We know each other from the shows that we do.)


You are welcome to post your web site on the forum. Several of us use the 'signature' feature for that. Having a look members' web sites helps to broaden our appreciation for the work being done by the members.



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thank you


looking through this site has been amazing! one of the reasons i am opening my new shop is because i am leaving a gallery that has been showing my work. they have been great and ive made a bundle from them. but i have not been able to create what i want to. the pricing points have kept me in a bracket that leads me to make cheeper and faster jewelry and through the years i have lost some interest in my work due to this. i am very fortunate that i have a dental lab, so i dont need to make "cheep and fast" to pay the bills. i am hoping that with this new venture i can start to once again strive to reach my fullest potential. some of the work i see on this site has given me a lot of incentive to pursue this goal.

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I have been a one of a kind jeweler since 1977 and have an understanding of working with Galleries that want things that have the right price point. Never played their game and I am sure that it cost me some income over the years but I stuck to my guns and most of the time I made exactly what I had in my head. In doing this I have quite a reputation amongst my peers for quality.


I just moved into a new studio after a twelve year sabbatical (another business venture demanded my time). As of this month I am finally making my first from scratch piece of jewelry since 2000. It is very exciting and it is great to see I have not lost any of my skills in the time off.


I checked out your website and like what I saw, but I must tell you that the photography that is on a site either makes or breaks it. Many of your images are out of focus (dirty stone in one)and I feel that you should do your best to have the largest possible image on a page so the viewer can see a clear image of what you are presenting them. I just checked the image size on your photo page and the display size is 631 X 473 pixels, this works for the opening page but if you can link the images to a larger image by a mouse click it will allow your viewer to see the image in a larger format.


I have put two images from my website below to give you an idea of what I am talking about. The first image is what is displayed on the opening page the second image is what is seen when a person clicks the small image.


Hope this is helpful to you, good to see you on the forum.


All my best ........... Danny





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