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Hello From Birmingham Uk (Or Just A Tad Outside) :)

David Hubble

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Hello All


Well where to start I'm not sure!!!

Right I am a Jeweller/Silversmith/Caster from Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, Currently studying at the school of Jewellery and will soon graduate.

I enjoy model making for miniature war-games, but now mainly carve wax, milliput for masters for jewellery.


I am always on the learning path to enhance my skills and will greatly accept any help given aswell as try and help when I can,

I look forward to meeting others who share the same passion.






(Below) Project: The roots go deep


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Excellent that you've joined. I'm based in Tewkesbury near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds so about 45 minutes travel from Brum. I know the Hockley area well as an old ex jeweller and silversmith and know the Jewellery School well also. All strength to your modelling arm on the forum. Look forward to seeing your posts in future.

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Greetings all, thanks for your posts :)


hopefully I can get some more pictures up to show, at the moment i'm working on

a silversmithing project as my final project for uni it will be an offering bowl and chalice where I am carving and sculpting

the adornments and main parts to then be cast in either silver or bronze!!! :blink:.


Kurt may I ask by colaborations do you mean working with a team or with others?

I currently do work with my partner who needs to get her ass on here to be honest as she is a bench jeweller herself and loves wax :)


hey clark I know Tewkesbury i've stopped by there before heading south to Dorset and Bournemouth and love the area I love Evesham.


interesting to see where everyone is from and again a big hello to all.


have a good day guys :)

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David, What I mean is, woud you do additional metalwork for someone who does hard-stone carving?

I do wearable carvings and because I'm still learning that, I have no taste in learning metal-work too.

So often the possibillities are quite limited as I have to incorporate a fixture for hanging it on a chain.

(if you visit me on Facebook uder my name "Kainzer Kurt" and see the pictures of my undertakings

over the last year, you will see that some additional metal-work could benefit a lot of them)

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thanks all for the comments

I slowly getting through profiles and looking at all the forum stuff and my goodness theres a bit to learn from.

I feel like a kid in a sweetshop :) just older hehe.


Kurt thanks for getting back to me and yes I do work with and work for others on the metal side i'm a jeweller and silversmith so I mainly do all metal work,

I will pop across and have a look at your facebook which I will add you when I find you.

I can understand the set backs or limitations when you don't specalise in certain areas as I have that problem myself as I would eventually like to be able to carve stone etc..

but have not got the time or resources to learn so I rely on others aswell.


I'm enjoying seeing others work and sharing it aswell also the awesome ebooks and tutorials is just fuelling the fire to get cracking on :)

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