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Hi, I'm Elisa And I Want To Present My Selve


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Dear people, my name is Elisa and I am italian.

First of all excusemy for my bad english ... I'll try to explane my selve as good as possible.

I always loved wearing jewelry and doing things by my hands so I went in that direction and

2006 I graduaded in a contemporary jewellery school in Florence (Alchimia).

Since than I continued to work in my little lab sharing always my time with other jobs as waitress or salesgirl in some shops because I couln't live just from my jewellery work.

In Fall 2009 I was invited by an japanese jewellery school (Hiko Mizuno) in Tokyo as exchange student for 3 months. There I had a grate time! Japanise people is really very kind and hospitable. After three years the aestetik, the sounds I heared and the taste of the simple food which people cooks at home lies in me like a poetry.

I'm very sad about what happened last year in Japan.

There I had also a grate teacher, Ando sensei, who was very patient and precise in explaning me things and he taught me a few things in a very traditional way. I'm still very thankful to him.

In any case three months are not a long time so I concentraded on two techniques, Uchi-dashi and Nunome-zogan.

I really felt in love with nunome-zogan and I promised my selve to continue to practice that technique but for several reasons unfortunately I coulden't.

Finally I will beginn to exercise nunome-zogan, I'm very happy because during that exchange program I have taken many useful notes and sketches and I remember also a lot!! But of corse I forgot several important, also banal things.

I was glad to find this beautiful forum some days ago, you share a lot of interesting things. Also about this technique!

I would be happy if I can approach to you for help and I would be really thankful if somebody wants to give me some advices.

Hopefully I can also bring something new to you, despite my few experience, I hope!

Today is sunday and I'm not at home, so I'm writing from somebodies else computer where I have no photos of my work, but I will send you nice pictures not later than tuesday. I wanned at least to say hello.

Hoping to hear from you soon, I wish to everybody a sunny week-end.


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Welcome to The Carving Path forum! Your time in Japan, I understand how three months was not enough time to spend there. What good fortune to have had those experiences and the opportunity to study there. Please feel welcome to contribute and to ask questions. (You should take some time to view the work of Jim Kelso.)



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Welcome to the forum. I just did a quick search on Google for Uchi-dashi and see that it is a type of Repousse that can be quite involved. There are some fine jeweler/metal workers on this forum so I figure if you have questions someone should be able to help you out.


Welcome again ........... All my best ......... Danny

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Hi, Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Unfortunatelly I haven't here images of the few nunome-zogan works I did in Japan but I will find them!

In stead I attach some other pictures of my work. I have choosen some of my favorite works even if they are not between the most recent.

As you will see I love to do very big and rough jewelry pieces. The necklace named 'Piazza del Carmine' is made out of shibuichi and found street signes.

The other two necklaces are made out of silver and shibuichi but there isn't any patina: I made this pieces of jewelry before Japan when I knew how to cast shibu but not how to treat it, so I just left it with the dark color wich it gets after fireing it. Pendant and Earrings are made in silver.

To start I will do surely tinier objects in nunome zogan ;).

Thanks Janel for suggesting me to view Jim Kelso's work, I went on his web site. Jim, your work is really interesting, actually I found TCP thanks your topic about pitch and the other about nunome. You know really good how to use japanese techniques, and you make beautiful pieces!


There is the first first thing I dont remember about nunome: should I anneal the metal (shibuichi, brass, shakudo) before making the tiny grooves texture with the chisel? I will first start with brass to practice...

I made also two pieces on iron in Tokyo and I'm sure I annealed the iron plate but I don't remember about other softer metals....


I hope you wan't get scared by my pieces, but please tell me everything you want, if you want, about the work. I know those pieces have nothing to do with carving!!

Have a nice week! Elisa


'Piazza del Carmine' - necklace



'Red and white are in shade' - necklace



Untitled - necklace



Untitled - pendant



Untitled - earrings


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I don't know the answer to this one! If someone wants to answer Elisa's process questions I suggest starting a topic in Metalwork (instead of writing here in Who's Who).


Thank you Elisa for the photos of your work. I could imagine the found elements sharing a spot with carved elements here and there.



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