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New Project.

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this is a wax carving i have been working on. i used my cell phone to take the photos so they are not great. this piece is going to be a woman standing on a swing that is hanging from balloons made out of cab cut gems. she will be floating over the ocean that will be made out of carved gemstone ( i haven't picked what type yet) i cut the wax as much as i am going to before working the metal so now i am going to cast it in gold. when it is put together i will use stainless steel braided cable for the swings ropes.



i ran the sprue along the back and added a small safety sprue to the hands. the ball at the bottom of the sprue wire is for collecting gas (dental trick) i will be using a high heat phosphate bonded investment. this gives me the extra strength to make an extremely dense casting with an induction casting unit. my machine is designed for casting chrom alloys so it can be rough on soft metals. i invest using hydroscopic curing at controlled heat and under 30lbs of positive pressure eliminating any expansion. this way the size it is now in wax is the exact size it will be when cast.





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