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How To Carve A Snake On A Twisted Stick Using Power Tools Ebook

Randy S

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Just finished the 2nd eBook "How to Carve a Snake on a Twisted Stick Using Power Tools".



I've been carving walking sticks for quite some time now.

Several people have been asking questions about carving snakes on twisted sticks. What kind of wood do you use? Where do you find twisted sticks? What tools do you use?


This ebook will answer many of those questions and I have included lots of pictures.


Have any of you guys wrote an eBook?


I would appreciate any tips or suggestions.





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How rude of you Randy, you join the forum, you don't even present yourself in the who's who section and your first post is a link to your e-book that of course you are selling for carving with power tool. :angry:

You should know that there is on this forum much more talented people than you and yet they took the time (their time which they could have selfishly spend for them self or their relative) to offer tutorial of great quality, I'm thinking about Jim Keslo, Tsterling and his free version of netsuke carving ebook, Janel and so much more.....

Randy you are way wrong to think that this is a good start on a forum like the carving path. I can only hope that you will measure how rude and selfish you are and try to do something about it, but I doubt it.

Anyway, I just want you to know that you are the reason why sometimes I have difficulty not to turn completely misanthropist.


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