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Brucite Turtle

Tom A.

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Hello All,


I just finished this one. Its a brucite stone Turtle and a Yellow Cedar Base. The rock is actually a deep green but I could not get the camera to show the colour.


This is my first three dimensional "animal" let me know your thoughts. Total dimensions 13"x14"x9"






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Thanks Guys!


Michiel, I bought this stone locally @ www.neolithicstone.com he has a good variety of types, shapes and sizes. I really like dealing with him.

Unfortunately I don't know if there is another name for this stone or if you can get it where you are. I don't think its a hard to find stone though. Seems pretty reasonably prices in the raw.


The stone is reasonably soft (harder than limestone, softer than marble) so I start with hammer and hardened chisels and do as much rough removal as possible. Then I went straight to my flex shaft with diamond bits. After that it was all sandpaper.. 400grit, 600grit, 1200grit and finally 2000 and then buff and wax.


You can't see it in the pictures really well but there are a lot of fractures throughout. You need to be careful working around them or deal with them right away. On this one because I finished so smooth I was hoping that the variation in colour and the seams provided the texture to give it a little depth.


Take care


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