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Hi All


My name is Nigel i'm a bone carver, i started years ago after been given a flexi-shaft and a bench grinder, i learnt from a Bone carving book by Stephen Myer. I used a more basic technique of carving than what Stephen's teaches his ways are to advance technically for me! hehe.


My tools are Flexi-shaft and burs, grinder and a little bench bandsaw. I've never had hand tools like engravers, wish i did though. I do all my sanding by hand though, drives me nuts! I've only ever worked with bone, mostly cow.


Hopefully i can contribute the little i do know in bone carving and look forward in continuing the journey with other fellow carvers!


I have a piece of bone that i enjoyed carving a whale and dolphin from, but not sure what animal it's from, it was given to me yrs ago, i think it's from a sheep? it has a lovely grain and is solid, Does it look familiar to anyone?


The whale weights 52grams and the dolphin 42 grams solid little things, it was such a joy carving bone like this, it was beautiful and soft to carve.










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Hi Nigel,

Welcome around. Nice carvings you are showing us. I have no clue about the kind of bone you have there but the finish is brilliant.

Also check you maori carving (the 2 color one you posted in show and tell), Real nice piece too...

Keep enjoying ;)


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Kia ora Nigel. Looks like you're doing well. Where abouts are you? You can easily get some files and gravers. Depending on where you are I could give you some contacts.


Not sure on the bone, but definately not sheep. Perhaps small whale rib, or other form of marine ivory. The finish certainly looks like some form of ivory.


Best of luck with your journey.

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