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I Bow My Head In Awe Before You


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My name is Michiel and I am living in some forgotten and sleepy little valley in the Alps of Austria. I am working at the University of Graz, developing Software and the infrastructure for online-assessments - quite boring actually. To easy my head on November 1st. 2010 I started carving - I robbed a bone from our dog and began a Möbius-loop - some kind of representation of the way I felt at that time. Of course it didn´t become a real Möbius-loop - which was quite disappointing - but doing this work made me feel REALY good - so I started the next one and ever since it went on. Carving now for about 1,5 years I still consider myself as a absolute beginner, but looking into the www for some inspiration and advice I found a whole new world, stuffed with wonders of craftsmanship, patience, accuracy, design and things I could not believe they were made by humans. Having a full-time-job, I can’t spend so much time carving as I liked to, but still I got some experience carving wood, bone, stone, metal and plastics. I like to work with chainsaws and also as a blacksmith - sharing this with my brother who is a gifted gunsmith. (http://www.lechner-jungl.com)


Some of my works:




óne of my early hooks




My first Koru made of afrikan water buffalo horn.




... also made from water buffalo horn. (nice to wear , because its allmost weightless)


On a little trip to buy some wine i found a stone wiche turned out to be Serpentin.




I really fell in love with this material. It is allmost like Jade, but some inklusions are hard like iron, so one has really to work very carefully to get a nice and flat surface.




a hook i made from this stone




... and while playing arround with it ...




... i made this of a piece of cherry-tree-wood.


post-3239-0-73827000-1332335007.jpg post-3239-0-09340100-1332335023.jpg


I finale made my first little statue - a little icefishing inuit (the little fish is still missing on this picture) (sandstone)




my little elf


this i started after i found TCP and someone - i guess evrybody here knows who - inspired me to beginn something more challenging. The material is finest alabaster and it scares the shitt out of me to even touch it.



I hope i give you some impression of me and my work and i hope you will not mind me, trying to find here inspiration and advice and maybe i can be some help to anybody.


I am so happy that all of you are sharing your wonderfull work!





PS: please forgive me my bad english - i am not so used to it anymore! ;-)

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Hi there Michiel, wenn noetig gehts auch auf Deutsch! :)


Nice, you found the Forum and finding it as inspiring as I do.

Same here in regards to beginner, but that should not hold anyone of us back in trying harder to catch up with the fantastic artists exhibiting here.


Your overall look and style is very attractive with all those clean lines and vatriety in materials as well as subjects. .

Is that Serpentine fom Styria (the one they came accross tunnelling near Bruck a/d Mur a few years back)?


Where are you from? I grew up in Tragoess, 25 Km from Bruck a/d Mur.


Looking forward to more of your work.

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Grüss Gott Michiel,


Welcome around, nice work, especially what you did with the serpentine. I should pass by styria and carinthia, within the next few weeks, I will make sure to have a close look at the ground ;)

Also, If you have time I'd like to see a picture of the finish inuit ice-fisherman status.

Take Care



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Thanks for all the kind replys!


@ Kurt K


Lebe und arbeite meist in Graz, sonst verbringe ich die meiste Zeit auf unserem Hof am Triebener Tauern. Absolvierte die HTBL Masch. in Kapfenberg - Tragöss ist mir also nicht ganz unbekannt. ;-)


@ Christophe


At the moment i try carving almost everything i find When i am lucky i get some stonesamples from the Institute of Geology here at the University. The Serpentin-Rock i found Berstein (Burgenland). There you will find them lying around everywere near the quarry - but! - to find a real nice workable piece you need some luck - or some help iof a lokal worker - costs a beer or two ;-). it is nice to work with but can be real frustrating too. If i find the time, maybe i make a little tuorium on this specific stone and how to handle it best.



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Hi Michiel,


Thank's for the localization in Burgenland, I will definitely try to go and have a look around....As for the tutorial about serpentin....well I think that everyone here will be grateful ;) and would be nice if you could find the time, but I know how valuable time is....Anyway, thank's again.

Have fun and take care


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Hello Michiel

Your carvings are of high quality, the color of your serpentine is very similar to nephrite jade, has nephrite been found where you get your serpentine, I find it in my area with serpentine, very easy to spot the difference, much heavier, and usually has a white rind and extreamly tough, found on the contact of serpentine and country rock, fault line zone, I carve stone mostly from Australia.

Cheers michael B

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