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Jon's Introduction


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Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan DEWILDE.


I'm turning 21 soon and live in Tahiti, a small island in French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean.

Couple months ago I started a Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry business with my girlfriend.

Since we have a lot a artisans in my country that are working with shells, I started to learn how to work with it and I'm adding shells work with the black pearl for my jewelry.

I really enjoy creating new shapes with fantastic materials we have on earth.

Sorry if my english isn't that great , I'm still learning how to write it properly. Our main Language in Tahiti is French.

With the tools I have right now I can only work on Shells but my interrest for stone work is getting bigger and bigger the more I see and learn about it.

That's one of the reason I decided to join this forum : my appetite to learn.


I explored the forum and find your work amazing. I wish one day I'd be able to reach your level.


If you have any question , don't hesitate to send me an email.


I'll post some pictures later.

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thanks for the compliments ;D


Sure with the pictures I posted it looks like Paradise but I can post pictures that are the exact opposite of those and still are in Tahiti xD..


There's good and bad everywhere I think.


I don't know if Tahiti is more on the Good side .... I don't think so.

But the way to live here is to look at the good sides ;)

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Salut JonJon,


Bienvenue sur le forum, tu verras, il y a pas mal d'infos et si tu as des questions, en règle générale, les réponses sont assez rapides et très complètes.

Polynésie francaise......très certainement un paradis.....si le système francais y était moins présent....mais tu as raison le seul moyen de vivre quelque soit l'endroit c'est de regarder les bons côtés ;)




Au fait, tu es originaire de polynésie?

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Ouiiii je vis depuis ma naissance à Tahiti et j'ai aussi eu la chance de pouvoir voyager pour pouvoir m'ouvrir l'esprit un petit peu plus ;D

Pour quelqu'un qui aime la nature et ne porte pas d'importance aux personnes , je pense que la polynésie française peut être un Paradis.

Personnellement je pense que c'est la mentalité des gens ici qui est à revoir pour que le pays puisse avancer.

(j'vais jeter un coup d'oeil à tes info et à ton introduction ;D )



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Love the style. The pearl really stands out. Its such a nice contrast.


Have not visited the South Sea for nearly 23 years, but I do like to remember my time in your neighborhood (Samoa and Tonga).

It was beautyful and I still remember the warmth of the people there.

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Salut Jonjon,


Bienvenue ici! Superbe photos et pendentif (la coquille n'est pas trop fragile?). On est deux ou trois français ici, si jamais tu as des soucis avec l'anglais n'hésite pas (mais tu as l'air de bien te débrouiller).


Let's hope you'll find your tools in the US, we'll be waiting for nice things! Don't you have any pictures of what you do?

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