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Rose Duke Hand Engraver

Rose Duke

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I signed up a while ago to join the Carver's Path, live has been a bit crazy for the past several years & I can't remember when so I thought I need introduce myself. I am a precious metal hand engraver. I trained at Stieff Silver Co. of Baltimore, MD in 1979. I use small hand pushed engraving tools-not the nifty new power tools that are now available.

I found my way back by just browsing the web today & happened to be looking up meerschaum & found a posting from the Carving Path.

While I mostly work in jewelry metals I have done 1 small carving out of fossil walrus tooth of a "Bat Cat" - he's my totem of my own cats & I wear him whenever I go out. I also collect mammoth & fossil walrus took carvings, love netsuke & wish I could spend more time doing that kind of carving, but bills need to be paid.

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