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Hi From Sydney


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My name is Janos, from Sydney, Australia (originally from Hungary). My first hobby is historic ship model building, hence the interest in carving. I've done quite a few relief carvings for Royal Caroline, also with a few in-the round ones for Grosse Jacht and Duyfken and now I cut into a few 'more serious' pieces recently.

My other hobby is practising Pidgeon English :wacko: , I apologise for this in advance. English is my third language and I started it from zero quite late, beyond 40, when the brain cells don't work so quickly anymore.

These 'more serious' ones don't look so professional any more that I've seen your works here, guys, I have to admit. But that's why I am here: I would like to learn a lot about miniature carving.

The amazon woman on '005.jpg' is the gallion figure of the Swedish Bellona, about 7cm high. The coat of arms on '039.jpg' is that of HMS Royal Charles, about 6x6 cm big. The material of both is European (Turkish) Boxwood, with quite serious sign of fungi at certain places. The gallion figure still has to be finished, I plan to use Scandinavian Oil.

I am looking forward to learn a lot here!






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Thanks, Michiel

It was a 'Christmas' excercise. We had visitors from Home and I did not want to spend time in the garage, so I was working on this COA upstairs, mixing duty with pleasure ):-

I started just before Christmas and finished mid February.


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