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Handmade tools and old dental tools


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Hi all

I was just reading the July/Aug UK Wood Carving mag and saw an article on a Netsuke Carver, Ko Baas from the Netherlands. He listed his website ( www.netsuke.nl ) which has a small gallery and a VERY interesting tools page with images. It would appear that he makes a lot of his tools from recycled dentistry equipment. I know that some of the players out there are also good friends with their dentists. I noticed he had a couple of dedicated Ukibori tools and I immediately thought of Janel's 'special' tools for this work on an earlier thread.


I did a quick search on the CP for his name but he didn't turn up so I'm not sure if he is a member or not.


Have a great day. :)


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Mostly I use them as chisels and knives for carving wood. The chisels vary from straight 1 to 6 mm wide. And some with a curved edge and/or bent shape.

The knifes are also in different curved shapes, sometimes in a "left" and "right" version.

I also made some scrapers for ivory, etc. I will soon add some close-up photo's on my website of these converted dental instruments.

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