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Start Exercising With My Dremel


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Hello to everybody!


I finaly found some time to work with my Dremel with flexishaft. It is realy a complete different way to shape the lines and for some tasks i still prefer my files, but i guess with some practice I will get used to it more.


The second thing i tried was working with magnifying glass. That was a different experience, i just could not get used to the strange differences to normal sight. Distances and angles looked complet different. Will i ever get used to that?


So i started with some horn and tried to go on with a design i did befor.




After that i wanted to try some easy 3 dimensional work - it was not so easy as i thought it would be. I still have to finnish my little elf and i hope i learn the skills to complete the missing tasks! ;-)




At this stage i had a real hard time deciding to continue or start finnishing it - I went on, but hope i can make another one in this style.




I like it! It is a present for my brother.


I hope you like it and any thought is wellcome!



Thanks to all

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Hi Michiel. I'll only user my rotary tool for rough shaping. I always finish with files and sandpaper. I don't think you'll ever get a better result with your dremel alone. I use reading glasses when carving. I have a 1x for normal work and some detail, and i often use a 2.5x for finer detail. I find it gives you a good view of the detail you're working on, but you don't lose sight of the piece as a whole. Billy.

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Looks good for a first time experiment. I'm coming the other way round into this game.

I had been using only dremel and Sanding-paper until recently,


Recently, I'm experimenting with softer material and find that desdpite all tne practice with the dremel,

it's too easy to miss-step when it comes to finer details.

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