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Dragons Breath

Hans Meevis

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This is my third steam engine made from red jasper, lapis lazuli,onyx, clear quartz,amethyst, budstone, sugalite, sapphire, emerald garnet, silver and gold.

In the center of the flywheel,is a cinnamon sapphire that I faceted.


I put a bit of symbolism in it, with mommy and daddy dragons and child dragons and the baby dragon carved out of a laminate of red jasper and lapis lazuli and silver.

The air or steam runs through the two dragons and the powers the motor.


Closeup of the quartz cylinder. On top is a faceted quartz and amethyst laminate with a loose gold ball inside.


The crankshaft is a laminate of budstone ( a quartz chalcedony) and sugalite and silver.

The con rod is also a carved dragon head.


This is the top view showing the little god ball in the hollow faceted gemstone.

The main engine post id made of a laminate of onyx, sugalite, red jasper and onyx.


Side view showing the steam intake.The emeralds are set into little screws.


The under side with my makers stamp.


The base is made out of a silver plate that was first carved into a pattern.

Then I was gilded with gold foil.

Then the top of the gold foil was sanded off, exposing the silver.

The liver of sulphur was applied to blacken the silver. When the right degree of blackening was reached, it was stabilized.

Looks like dragon skin to me.


I mounted it on a blood red piece of stained glass.


Then I made a display case out of glass and brass.


I have a video of Dragon's Breath running here


Cheers, Hans

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WOW. I watched the video, and it really ticks along doesn't it. 230 hours to complete hey.... that's dedication. You should be proud, it is a very unique piece and I really like it.


PS. In the video, it looks like you had a little help from a cockatiel bird. :P .



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