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Fish And Fish Hook


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What lovely clean lines, well done.


If you Google 'light boxes' or 'using light boxes' you will find a heap of info no photographing still life subjects like carvings. I am building a mega cheap on at present.



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Thanks Guys (and Guyess) for your comments :) as always any and all constructive criticism is always welcome

David I will take you up on that idea re the light boxes - I think I have seen something on the forum about this, but would be very interested to see how yours turns out.

(See my comment below)

Tony, I have a Son living in Upper Hutt so next time we plan on being there I'll let you know (I live in Earthquake country (Ashburton in Canterbury) and am on a fixed income, so have to watch pennies,

So you will understand that we don't get up there very often.

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