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Hello From Llanymynech


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Hi, my name is Garry i live in the welsh border town of Llanymynech (pronounced roughly clan-uh-mun-eck) i lived in N.Z. for ten years on the Whangaparao peninsular and spent a lot of time hanging out and fishing with some Maori friends who gave me a bone carving when i left. It was a hook with a paua inlay. (The paua has since fell out). Because my wife is disabled i cannot work fulltime so i decided to take up bone carving to whittle away the hours(pardon the pun). Here is my first piece made from a Cow shin bone but it had been roasted hence the colour. But i like the look. it looks aged. I want to start doing celtic symbols and mobius strips but my real passion is to copy a cross section of a Nautilus shell, see my first attempt on the New work show and tell forum. Its a little rough but i have since purchesd a set of diamond needle files rather than using power tools. I am really enjoing this kind of art and am somewhat pleased with the results so far. Please post comments i will not be offended by critisism and am willing to learn.



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