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Hello To You All From New Forum Member Roy

Roy M

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Hi there everyone,


I am delighted to have found this forum whilst searching for some tools on the internet. It has been a pleasure to read through some posts and see you helping each other, offering advice and sharing your work.


Over the past few years I have whiled away some hours making gifts for family members and friends for enjoyment.


I have made some bone carvings, some jewellery often earrings or rings. Until now have used bone wood and metal as mediums but have recently become more interested in stone.


I am lucky enough to live in a place where I can find some nice stones and one thing I am very drawn to right now is Argillite. Greenstone (nephrite jade) is a common stone to carve here in New Zealand and in the future I will make some greenstone carvings.


Most of the things I have made will have a story, the medium will find me as often as I find the medium, in the case of Argillite I have been collecting pieces for a few years from beaches far far away from their source, brought there by the Maori, probably hundreds of years ago. Small chips and pieces discarded during tool making processes have found me as I walk along the shore.


I have included a photo of some things I made.


The grey rough Hei Matau is the first stone carving I have attempted and after finding some more time to work on it I will post a picture.


I noticed a few articles about lashing this however none are simple enough for little old me to follow as of yet but the time will come I am sure.


I am lucky to have been collecting tools over the years and have some nice chisels, rotary carving tools, some diamond bits etc.


I decided to try to carve something after I spotted a tool at the local cash n trade that I thought I could use quite effectively. It is 5 speed belt driven drill press with 1/3hp motor and 13mm chuck. The first thing I did was flip it 90 degrees so its on its side, the motor is away from the area where water will splash about on the diamond burrs and I found it to work quite well. Somewhat of an epiphany for me since I have always worked holding the tool and now I can work holding the piece against the tool.


I would like to know where I can find some diamond grinding wheels perhaps 2" wide with a 150mm or so diameter. I recently visited a stone shop where you can use workshop tools for $20 an hour and used a diamond trimsaw, the grinding wheels I mentioned and some other cool tools that dramatically reduce roughing out time. Within an hour I had sawn some greenstone slabs made some earring blanks and made a lovely large crescent moon necklace that just needed hand finishing.


Blah blah blah I do go on


Looking forward to striking up some conversations with you




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Hi guys thanks for the welcome,


I live in the Nelson area Billy, in the sticks not too far from the Motueka river. Do any of the suppliers have online catalogues?


I found some time to work on the Hei Matau and took a picture, its not perfect but Im pretty happy with it for my first piece, I need to work out the lashing it next, I was thinking two holes with channels to the top of the piece, threading 3 strings through each then plaiting away from the piece to a toggle and loop.


Ive popped a photo of the Greenstone I wear up as well, this was a birthday present. I would quite like to duplicate this kind of lashing, any clues?


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Your best bet would be to contact Ric Moor. He lives in Rapahoe. Not too far from you? I have contact details if you're interested. He is a great carver himself and knows his tools. Part of his business is selling tools so you'd be in good hands. You could look at Diamond Edge in Auckland. They have an online catalogue and have very good quality supplies. All be it a little expensive.


Hope this helps, Billy.

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Tony N, thanks I might just take you up on that offer if i get over to Welly. Billy they sure do know how to charge huh! I'll be getting in contact with Ric when Ive thought a little more about what I need.


Cheers Roy

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