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Guest ford hallam

Hi Sergei,


personally i quite like moving images in a web display like that, it lifts the presentation from being merely an electronic book. If you know what i mean. When wanting to really study or simply appreciate a piece of work a more static image is probably preferable. Perhaps a slowly revolving image of a piece would be the most satisfying presentation, and with suitable music :)


I particularly appreciate your feeling for your material and always enjoy visiting your site. Perhaps one day the Ukraine! :rolleyes:


dos vidanye, ( my cyrillic spelling is very poor, sorry :( )


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I love your site and really love your work, but hate flash. I would much rather spend the bandwidth on closeup, large images of the work than see some minaturized moving graphics trick that is stale on the second viewing.


One day in the near future we all will have enough bandwidth to simulcast, host good quality movies and do real and useful animations, but until then leave the flash to the code weenies.


Just an opinion.



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HI Sergy,

I agree with Don about the flash. I think it detracts from your presentation rather than enhancing the website. There is too much information at once and it becomes uncomfortable. You have an excellent website. The design and layout couldn’t be better. I like then progression of the netsuke's from start to finish and the information about the materials. If you wanted something in motion you could give the viewer the option of revolving the netsuke which would give the impression of three dimensions.


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Don, Dick, thanks!


Than more I look on my flash, this more and more begin irritate me! Really, the much repeating is not good for perception! But I think, 3D rotation is a great idea, thanks! I must to learn more for realise this idea. I will let you know about results then.


S (pensive smile) :rolleyes:

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