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Hello From Bourbonnais........thats South Of Chicago


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let start off by saying that i have very very little carving expierence. but i would like to get started in it in a big way. i am mostly a turner as that is the only tool that belongs to me but i do have acess to a whole wood shop because i teach industrial arts as a teachers aid for high school age special ed kids. i would like to get into carving to supliment my lathe turning because i want to carve imbelishments, flowers, vines, abstract shapes, birds, ect....into my turnings. at least as a start. i started making a full size dragon one year and got the head done. but ran out of steam at the moment so i ended up making a mounting board and hanging it on my wall as a trophy head. started cuting out limbs and have them roughed out but have not started carving them except one foot. eventuly i will finish my dragon and probably have to box it up and forget about it for a number of years. i have also carved a wood branch and humming bird that was mounted into a mail box that i built for my sister. i only have a set of flex knives and a dremel for carving but would like to eventuly buy or make a whole range of carving tools. if i decided to make them i will work with a black smith and forge my own tools and then just turn my own handles. i probably wont get into stone, bone, gems fossils untilll i have been carving for a number of years. for the start ill probably carve wood as i have acess to lots of wood and i know that medium farly well. if you live in the middle of illinois please contact me as i would like to have someone that i can visit to see what tools they use and what mediums they have to carve.

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