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Some More Exercise!


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Hello everyone!


I still working on my new workshop so i had not very much time to get to start some new things! I still exercising my basic skills an try to understand the diffrent materials.


So i tryed some horn, looking how thin i can get it. I don´t think you can wear it ;-)




I made a little present for a friend from a antler with horn




And a toki i called "under a full dark moon" i made for my mom - she deserved it!




And here a piece a make at the moment for a friend who loves SCIFI - i hope its going to look a little bit like an alien




Hope you like them.

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the si-fi one looks like somehting klingon, the realy thin horn maybe you can use it as a inlay on a box or something. i realy like th eagle and the toki was planing on making some stuff with antler kinda leary about working with it though because i plan on turning it on the lathe and making pens. but now im thinking of making ear plugs out of it since they are selling well and i can make a ton of plugs out of one horn. so i can make more money doing a set of plugs then i could make doing pens. do you know if antler can cause skin allergies ?

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