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Belated Introduction


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Having been a member for a year or so now and still in possession of 10 digits, I thought that I should briefly introduce myself.


My name is David and I have lived in Edinburgh for nearly 30 years (no surprise there) having been raised in Liverpool. With 3 kids to support, I am a bit of a wage-slave and do not have much free time to indulge my hobbies. My family is mostly amused by my constant whittling and seem more impressed by my patience rather than the finished product.


My artistic endeavours had been limited to sporadic paintings and drawing until my interest in carving was piqued by a netsuke collection that I found in the museum last year. That led me to trawling the web for netsuke designs and eventually to TCP itself. TCP is inspirational, educational and gave me the impetus / confidence to try carving myself.


I appreciate that some new or prospective TCP members may be deterred from posting on this website by the exquisite craftmanship shown by many of the Members but I would encourage them to contribute.


Thank you.


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