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From Hard-Rock To Bat-Girl

Kurt K

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Have been coming in and reading a lot of your fantastic posts, but did not show anything myself for a while.


I'm slowly learning to be more patient and so I feel that I get a little better with each project.

So, I would like to thank all of you for contributing so much, and inspiring me and others to follow.

Special thanks goes also out to Janel for keeping us up and running as well as sharing her seemingly infinite knowledge on form and matter.


The first to show this time, needs a special thanks to Rod L. who in early April gave me the inspiration for doing something along the lines themed "Hardrock"


Was a first in trying to combine two materials. Montana base with West Texas Moss tongue.




Next up, I wanted to take it a small step further and called it "Heavy Metal"



My skill in working with metal is non-existant; so the strings still have to be replaced by a pro. LOL



In the meantime; Amanda of Entchandra, was so kind to finish up the Koy-project by creating this beaded piece.



After that I finally got an idea as to what to do with a piece of rough I had laing around for a long while.



The frog was to be repositioned several times before evolving eventually into this position. Everything thus far is a single overlapping piece.


Eventually I deceided to give it a partner in the water by creating another figure made out of Chinese Pietersite. depending on the angle it could be seen as either another frog or more maliciously as a snake.



And worn



Last but not least; just finished today, is something that does not even have a working title.

Started out with a bat wing in front, gave it a humanoid head and ended by giving it a human back.

The way this piece came to be is still a mistery to me as I did not start out with something like this on mind at all. But over the past few weeks one ting lead to another and a few days ago the human back came in one session without really thinking.


Thats what I started with: Unknown local find, sticks to a magnet and bluish gray in color


And thats what I got : Walkaround


And worn



Still have a long way to go, but will try to keep improving,.... baby-steps,....one after the other....


Best regards, Kurt

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looks nice and the bat wing thing makes me think of some statues and pictures of early bronze age charicters. the ones we dig up and people say oh that must have been a god representation or some kind of demon/monster. but instead i just want to scream maybe they just like carving and someone made something just for the looks and had no deeper meaning............sigh i rant a little but i realy like the frog. thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Dan.


It's a pleasure working with this material, for all its apperant faults are benefits when finished up (in this case anyway) and yes, I do agree it loks somewhat like some kind of antique find. It has the feel to it in color and shape. Was largely not planed this way, but I'm glad it worked out.

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Thank you Tony and Michiel.


Tony, thats the point. On the downdide; I'm having too much fun and therefore I'm often not careful enough.

You could compare me with a happy child who enjoys this as a hobby, but realize that eventually I got to grow up,

and step it up, if I ever want to catch up to all the perfectionists here.


That will mean less fun, but all the more enjoyment in the end if something turns trully perfect.

Not there yet, but I know that the day will come....... Kurt

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