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Some More Work....


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Hi everyone,


Looks like I'm back into carving, let's hope I will still find the time for some more.

This one I post here a year ago or more but never did the braid-work, also the bead is turned out of some ebony offcut (I hate to throw ;))




Then another hook, the most traditiannal maori one, also with a turned ebony pearl for the closing. (carving size is 7.5x4.5cm)




And my first taniwha, the eye is paua inlay, and the closing bead is turned out of some pink ivory offcut. (carving size is roughly 7x2cm)



On the taniwha, I broke a piece of the tail while sanding, not happy about this, and I'm not so happy with some part, like the neck where I sand too much...(perfect is ennemy of good, I'll have to remember that)

Any comment/feedback/advice is welcome.




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Well done man. Really like the hooks and the way you photographed them....very cool.


The bottom carving is wicked, The Inlay is really neat. It gave me inspiration to try out a leaf design, or maybe a flower with pedals like that.

On the top right of the bottom carving, the segmented area is really unique too. Im not familiar with what a taniwha is, ill have to google it later lol. But i enjoy it.

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Hi Juhzeppi,


Thanks for your comment

For photgraphy, now that I have a decent camera I'm trying some nice background....

For the taniwha, it's kind of funny, 'coz about the segmented area....well let's say that it was not really the image I had in mind at the beginning of this project, but during the sanding of the tail I broke a piece of it and so after I was careful not to mess with the entire piece so, I did not try to achieve the arm, like I wanted to, by fear of messing it ;) And for the inlay....well there again, the inlay is giving me the sensation that the bone part is really a mess... ;) I will try and make it better next time.

About the taniwha, I believe, they are many meaning attached to them, they can be seen as hostile or guardian if treated with respect. And from a more spiritual point of view the Taniwha was considered a connection between the human life on earth and the spiritual world of the gods, ancestors and stars. But there is probably more about it, but I'm still learning about maori culture.

Don't forget to post a picture of the flower/leaf project with paua inlay... ;)


Take care


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Love the Taniwha, especially the shape of the head and the depth in it. Is it made from beef bone? Like the dark spots on the bottom parts and the tail.


Well done for a first one! :)


Nice Hei Matau as well, the first one is very original.


[Petite question bete, mais comment t'approvisionnes-tu en France pour tes matériaux? Est-ce facile de trouver des os sans avoir l'air d'un dangereux psychopathe?]



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Hi Charlotte,


First, thanks for taking time to look at my work.

I exclusively work with bone as it is cheap and widely available, and also I think that skill wise, working with something else would be a waste... ;)

For the taniwha, I'm kind of happy with it in general but the contour of the eye is something that I need to work on but the next one will be better...hopefully

As far as the dark spots are concern...well it is due to bad cleaning of the bone...some residual fat or marrow that I did not scratch enoug. But, I had this result on one of my first piece, if not the first, and I kind of liked it, so instead of going crazy with the cleaning I le,t some hard to get, fat or tissu knowing that later it will result in stain that will be part of the carving.....or maybe it is just an excuse for my lazyness.... ;)

Sinon pour répondre à ta question....je ne vis pas en France, en fait, je vis dans mon camion et je voyage en Europe (en fonction des envies et du travail), mais en règle générale les bouchers ou abattoires sont de bonnes sources d'approvisionnement, c'est plus souvent lorsque je nettoie et ensuite fait sécher les os que les gens se posent des questions....et quand je travaille l'os, l'odeur peut parfois préter à confusion sur mon équilibre mental....lol



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