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Some Projects That I Have Made (Non Carving)


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some home made decorating tools that i made




walnut and locust sugar bowl






small unique piece of wood bowl




maple crotch panel, cherry box



Koa box cherry lid that has been ebonized




walnut hand rail box, mapple sub panneling





red oak framing, spalted maple panel and handle-this was very dificult since i had to make 16 frame peices that were all the same and mitered so the wood grain would wrap all the way around the face of the box.

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sadly im not very good at taking pictures and all these things needed to be polished seeing at it has been a while since they have been in a dusty shop. figure i would toss these on here since someone asked me to send him some pictures of my iteams

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Hello Dan,


Please re-read the guidelines for preparing images for posting on the forum:



- 72 dpi

- JPEG works great

- around 640 x 480 pixel dimension

- and around 50 K file size



Help the forum members who have slow, land line, computer modems, by posting the above recommended file sizes for your images, and also help the forum by taking less storage space in the forum's file storage area.


These guidelines are posted at the top of each forum area.


Also, there are informational topics pinned at the top of the Photography forum area.


Thank you,



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sorry this is the photo type used primarly by some other forums that i use and since i had no trouble posting them thought that this was the correct size. in the future ill just post a link to my photos bucket site that will save both space and resizing problems.

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Hi Dan,


Using links to outside storage for photos is problematic, because if the url link changes one tiny bit at the storage location, the image is gone from the posts on this forum.


It is not that difficult to learn how to resize photos once you have figured it out. And, if you choose just the best example of each piece, rather than multiples that are much like the other photos, there would also be less work to do with the preparation.


Looking at the suggestions made in the Photography forum area upper topics, you might find free online software that processes images. If you already have software for prepping photos already, making the change is not that big a deal to do, and would be appreciated.



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