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I want to start this topic for sharing any little useful tricks that we have. Any little ideas, that do the our work more comfortable.


For instance. I use the piece of foam plastic for placing my chisels. This very comfortable to stick chisels. There is no need to have the special place for each chisel, possible just stick the chisel in any place. Besides this saves tools from desharpening.


I hope, this will be an interesting topic! Join! :rolleyes:


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:( Slap my forehead smiley! :rolleyes: So simple! It does not have the aesthetic appeal of wood, but one does not have to plan work time to drill all of the holes when preparing a piece of wood for such a holder.


I'll have to think beyond the one I have already reported on in past topics, the Tac and Stick wad at the end of the carving peg.


Thanks for starting this topic Sergey,



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