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Hello From South Kent, Uk


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My name is Jutta and I have been carving for longer than I care to admit.


My dad taught me to carve and I learned to carve picture frames along side him.


More recently I have discovered Netsuke carving and I love it.


This is my first Netsuke '40 Winks', he is carved in Mahogany :)



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Hello and thank you all for the very warm welcome :)


Kurt, he is under 4cm in all directions, yes I have carved another a fish, he was finished but I changed my mind and am reworking him :) also I have been advised that he would look better with inlaid eyes (the fish) so I'm about to attempt that.


Thomas, if you're in Northern France you are probably quite a close neighbour as thats not at all far from here ;)

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