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Pill Box

Richard P

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I wanted a bit of a challenge so decided to carve this pill box in the form of a trout fishing creel from boxwood.

The woven pattern took about 60 hours to carve. The leather staps were stained with brown leather dye and the whole thing finished with shellac.

All comments welcome.....good and bad.











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well........damnm color me impressed because i realy thought that it was a woven basket when i first looked at it. was trying to figure out why this was on a carving forum. the leather looks real and the wicker looks like real wicker weaving.

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Hello Richard,


What an exciting piece........Congratulation !!!


I very like the express of the leather and all components

are in harmony together.

How perfect You carved the basket........Respect !


Thank You for have a look at it :)



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Hi Richard,


I'm just new here, and the first thing i'm spoiled with is this gorgeous little basket. What a treat!! The best thing (for me) is that it threw me off my feet. I assumed (yeah right!?) it was made of cane and that it was a bit bigger. Reading your accompanying words I soon realized it wasn't... Had i not read them i would be even more astonished, cos one could admire it for it's shape and delicate detail (being a reed basket). Only to open it and see it is made out of wood! I really love it when a piece can fool the mind! And yours just blew me away! The carving ánd finish combined is the secret to its trick.


Or as Jim simply said; Bravo!

Thank you for sharing

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