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Hi everyone,


Some times ago I was looking at some maori work through google and one design was really coming out and it happen to be one pendant made by Billy, so the beginner that I am decided to have a go at it, as an exercise.

With the kind authorisation of Billy, I decided to post the finish result. Billy, I hope you will not be to disapointed ;) but I can only assure you that I really tried my best, and that I learned a lot through process.

For the record, while working on the left part of the head, after sanding one bevel, I discover a huge intra-osseous fracture line, after being completely p... off, I decided to carry on with it and in the end, I kind of like it... ;)

Size is around 10x2cm (3.9x1")

The closing bead is turned out of some wild cherry burl.

I do know what I'm not happy with but I would appreciate any of your comment, advice or feedback.

One last thing, the first picture shows the fracture line I was talking about and is also the end result of the sanding process (first time I go that far 12000 grit), before using "chemical" polishing compound.







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Kia ora Christophe. I remember this pendant. Sold it to a buyer in Auckland. She must have been selling it on her eBay store. Great effort. It pleases me greatly that my work can inspire and encourage other carvers. I too started out by recreating work from other carvers before developing my own style and design. I agree that the flaws in the medium add something. I always try to encourage carvers to concentrate on form rather than detail when they are starting out. I do a whole series of Mako pendants, all of similar shape and size, but all unique in their own way. I usually use limited detail, and concentrate on smooth form and lines to accentuate the sleek design that mother nature gave the Mako shark. Nice work. Perhaps now you develop the design a little more. Start with this as a base, but add a little touch of your own style and see where it takes you.


Mauriora, BIlly.

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Kia Ora Billy,


Thanks for your feedback. When I first saw your piece, I could hardly see how to achieve it, I took me few hours of brainstorming for each aspect of it, and that's why this exercise was so good. The design being there I could just focus on the technical aspect. I will for sure use it as a base to try and use more of my own personal creativity. Thanks again.




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