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Day Trip 1, 10 pics

Rik Palm

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We went to some of the local musuems this weekend and I took abunch of snapshots.

Most of the pics arn't that good but some might find interesting, I did. The biggest problem was the lighting but having the object in case in plexiglass didn't help either.


The internet having a strange effect on all us all, at least it does for me, its like an extended family. I was reading the thread about "dolls" and of course there was an exibition on dolls at one musuem! so I immediately thought of everyone here on the forum! Interesting.... I'm out having a wonderful time with my family and I start thinking of people I've never met!



anyway, not sure if I should post pics or links?


this was cool to see this sign, Now I wish we all were there instructing each other on different points of view, can you imagine gained insight?





The dolls were displayed very nicely




I took a bunch of photos but not sure I need to post all here are 3 neat ones. The detail was amazing.







also "slowly" walked through a japanese garden. I would love one!!!

these guys were large and friendly. Took abunch of pics of all of the different colors.



Also saw a wonderful display of ice age items including these fertility dolls






I think I'll stop here to get feedback on just posting links to save you loading time.

I have about 17 ready to link to so far, including a couple japanese knife handles!



thanx for looking


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Yes, the garden was so peaceful, they had a gallery of kamonos? with huge ceiling to floor windows/wall over looking white gravel and bonsi trees and rocks next to a drop off into a green canyon.... I liked it.


heres something I've never seen before. The artist took a trees and debarked them and then sliced them paper thin and restacked them! it felt weird when you thumbed them. He had them in different shapes, even hanging them


paper log


wooden statue



ice age horse



stone pillars



knife handle



cool tsuba


also went to a photo gallery of 1000 megapixel photos, He used to work for the goverment and made his own camera from cold war parts. they gave us magnify glasses to use on 10 foot by 20 foot PHOTOS!!! just too cool



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