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Ivory "laulima"

Tom Mehau

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Hello everyone,


I've been carving for a little over two years and reading this forum during the same period. Forgive me but I feel compelled to share some what I've been up to in that time. It's agood thing Janel pointed out in another topic that in addition to New Work this forum also allows a little Show & Tell.


So here's a piece I called "Laulima". I thought it meant "Five Leaves". Just like I thought "Laukolu", a piece I posted in another topic, meant "Three Leaves". Turns out laulima means "Cooperation, joint action; group of people working together; community food patch; to work together, cooperate. Lit., many hands", and laukolu doesn't have any translation at all in the dictionary. Oh well. Artistic license I suppose.


Anyway it's carved from what I believe was a walrus' tooth that was given to me by a friend who grew up in Alaska. The diameter is 1 3/4".


Thanks for looking and, as always, your comments are appreciated.




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