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Hello From Amsterdam In Holland

Debora B

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Hi! I'm Debora from The Netherlands. I've stumbled onto this great forum as I was doing some research on the internet on ball in a cage and chains. I've decided to become a member straight away as this is the first forum that is specifically dedicated to carving in scale. And what I've seen so far is soooo inspirational! I just know I can learn so much from all you members. I hope I can return some of it by sharing and showing what I've done so far, although I realize I'm relatively new to this .


About 5 years ago I got involved in building scale models. I've had a go at many media; wood, metal, fabric, etc. while making scale models and miniature furniture. Along the way I had to carve some wood, and somehow I got hooked. Carving in wood has caught me about over a year or so now, and I don't seem to get bored. Whenever I pick up a piece of wood I get excited and wanna have a go at it!


I will try to show you one of my latest pieces, a coffee table with 2 intertwining mythical dolphins as the base. It is 62mm high. I do hope the placing of pictures will be successful, but please be gentle on me. I'm a no-know with computers. I'm attempting a few different methods to see what works (or doesn't))


Have a great weekend,





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Welcome Debora. Lovely carving indeed at 62mm. I'm curious what the wood is?


Also, I'm afraid the photos are way too large in file size. You'll find lots of info in the pinned topics under the Photography heading.

Poor Janel and others have only dial-up connection in our hinterlands and photos this big will be tough on them.


Looking forward to seeing more of your work.



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Thank you Jim. The wood is (un-steamed) pear. It took the carving very well. And I like its color too as it matches the marble table top. It is finished with two coats of Danish oil and then a final buffing with bees wax.


I've read here about the restrictions concerning file size and what options are at hand to do so. But I'm still trying to find out how i can place pics from my picasa account, as i think that is the best option. (Sorry for using this posting to test it out)




Hope these are not too big???











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Hi Debora,


Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. The floor and wall provide such a perfectly scaled context that until I read the dimensions of your dolphins and actually saw your fingertips it was hard for me to believe I was looking at something so small. I would love to see more pictures of your miniature worlds.



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