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Hi From A New Zealand Frog


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Hi everyone.


I'm Charlotte, originally from France and now lucky to live in beautiful New Zealand.

I only started carving recently when taking a 8 week bone carving class at the Community Education Centre. I had never done much manual stuff before, aside from a bit of modeling clay jewelry, so it was a bit of a challenge. But I'm always fascinated by the delicacy and the amount of details that carvers can achieve and I wanted to give it a try.


I found TCP while browsing for some infos on bone carving techniques and was surprised to find such a big community of carvers from all around the world (et également surprise d'y trouver quelques compatriotes :)) so I figured I should stop say hi.


I'm usually a bit shy about sharing my work ( :blush:) but there's no better way to learn than taking advice and criticisms so here we go:

Those are my first pieces, completed while taking the class even though I did a lot of work at home too.


- The arrow was my very first piece, which I mostly did outside of the class, to 'try' my tools and see how things were going. It was sort of a test as I didn't had a precise idea of what I was trying to achieve.

- The whale tail is my first 'real' carving. I love whales so I'm guessing there will be more to follow. I wasn't too sure of how to do the end of the tail, I didn't really want something pointy or too round, and thought that the curve of the bone gave it a bit of ray look. So I ended up shaping a manta ray head at the other end.

- The last one is my class piece and represents a shark from above. The biggest challenge was to do the eyes, and I got really scared of breaking the piece while filing them.


I really enjoy working with bones for now but I hope to get confident and skilled enough to try other materials soon like wood and pounamu (the NZ greenstone which I absolutely adore!).


Phew, that was a long one, I'll try to be more concise next time ;)

Have a great day (or night if you're on the other side!)








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Hi Bruce and thanks for your message.


Yes I do use power tools, I have a dremel at home that I used mainly on the whale tail. And we had this big sanding machine at the class which was very useful (but which I ignore the name of unfortunately).


Is antler (which is from deer I guess?) much different from beef to carve?




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Kia Ora to both of you, and thanks for your encouragements :)


You both seem to have way more experience as I can see from your work.


Billy, I'm based in Wellington (seems like you've spent some time there too). Have you been carving a long time? You seem to have a lot of pieces, all pretty different too. Love the whale teeth.


Christophe, merci beaucoup. Es-tu déjà venu en NZ? En tout cas à en juger par tes design tu t'en inspires clairement ;) Moi je vous envie votre été, on se pèle ici en ce moment...


Glad to see such a warm welcome, really encourages me to keep carving. Working on a Hei Matau right now which is giving me a hard time but will post the pics when it's ready.


Hope you all have a nice week-end


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Kia ora Charlotte. Yes I was born and breed in Wellington. Left 12 years ago but recently spent 3 and a half years there, returning to Sydney in July last year. I've been involved in the art world my whole life, but have only been carving for about 7 years. You can see a lot of my work around Wellington. It is listed under Gareth Barlow. Glad we're in touch. Shame I no longer live there. Who did you do your course with?


Mauriora, Billy.

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