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Nice Productive 7 Weeks

Kurt K

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Hallo everyone,


Just finished a nice productive one and a half months and was able to keep on the path of practicing carving in the round.


A recent post of a lizard in wood had me tRying something similar in stone.


First up was a piece of slate I found locally here in Hong Kong, slightly magnetic and very soft (somewhere between 2 and 2.8 on the Mohs)


Its a first of me trying to lift the figure completely from its base and having it stand solely on its four legs. Still a bit big at 7 cm lenght.


And worn




So, I tried again, this time its 5.5 x 4 x 4 cm. As I still had too much material that I did not want to waste, to the right of the lizard; I added a Calla Lilly with leaf. In retrorespect, that might have been a mistake, as it overloaded to overall picture (or at least thats how I see it). The material is Indonesian Chysocolla; absolutely wonderful material to work with.


And worn



Last but not least, just finished a few hours ago: Indonesian Tube Agate base, with localy found material, that resembles Pyrite but is strongly magnetic, for the mouse. To ensue that this pendant can be worn both sides and the black color cant be seen on the other side, I crushed some agate to dust, and built up 4 layers, with the help of epoxy to resemble a druzy inside the natural cavity.


And worn



Thanks for looking and have a great week/month ahead,.... Kurt

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Thank you Kenneth. Its really nice to hear from you. Have a very long way to get anywhere close to your wonderful creations.

But thats exactly what makes this such a fantastic activity; trying to achieve the things that you and so many others have done.


For now, I still concentrate mostly on getting shapes and forms in order , and hope to start focusing on detailing next year to take the next logical (for my mind anyway) step. As I don't sell anything, I will have the opportunity to re-visit all my creations at a later date to improve on them.


By the way, if you got the chance, drop in at the old forum and say hallo, there are still quite a few people who miss you there.

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Hi Kurt,


Lovely pieces. I particularly like the colors on the second lizard, and I don't think the addition of the flower was a mistake at all. The little orange spots ad a warm touch to it.


The mouse and cheese one is just brilliant! :)



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Thank you Cha.


The mouse/cheese combo was born out of an idea for a B'day wish for my older daughter (she had her 22nd. 2 days ago).

The idea is very simple: The mouse is in heaven, as she has realized her biggest dream. Now its time for my daughter to emulate the mouse, and follow her own dreams.


One question still remains:

Had to reshape the back of the mouse to fit the Agate. As the agate is covered in sharp edges, it was impossible to make it a good solid fit. Plus, any inserting would leave an ugly black spot if worn in reverse.


Front and back




My solution: take a hammer and smash up some waste-material. Splice bigger pieces between the mouse and the agate. Cover lightly in epoxy and sprinkle with agate dust. Repeat the epoxy, agate-dust 4 times and there you have it. Now the black stone can't be seen at all and it looks like an additional druzy filling part of the cavity.




Now, that was my solution. What would you have done and how to avoid the ugly black hole if you want to show both sides?

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Hi Kurt,


Thanks, its great to know the stories behind a piece.


And thanks for sharing the issue you had/solution you came up with for the hole. I'm still a newbie at carving and have never carved stone before so can't really offer my solution though.


Do you carve other materials?


Will keep an eye on your work.




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Thank you Charlotte and Mark,


I'm still a bit shy with posting progress-pictures as I consider myself quite clumsy.

Things always seem to look horrible, just before turning reasonably well.


For me, just beeing here, is like an ant walking among giants with all those subherb artists around.

So, I'm just sneaking some pictures in, from time to time. LOL


For now, I'm still practicing forms and I'm setting my sight on detailing next year.

Once I can do that reasonably well, then postings will become more regular and more details are the order of the day.


In the meantime, thank you for having and enduring me here,..... Kurt

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