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Töfftöff - A Garden Tractor ;-)


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Hello - I am sure, this is not the real right forum to post this pictures, but still like to share a piece of work i finnished these days - maybe some of you like it. :)


It is a smal replica of a Steyer 15 Tractor used a lot here in Austria so 50 years ago. It is about 40cm long and completly wellded togetter out of scrap. Also the electric works fine with the lights and the claxon - and it also sound great - töff töff töff ;) .


It is a present for a friend (a farmer) who collects the big ones and doesnt have the space to buy one more, so i made this one for him to put it in the garden and there it can rust to get it´s final look.









I love to work with metall so I enjoyed to hammer and weld this piece together and to get the rough feeling back of a blacksmith.

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