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This Owl has been visiting me in the mornings when I go outside. Monday it watched me grill steaks at about 11:oo AM. It watched me load my lawn mower and string trimmer in the trailer on Wednesday and today I saw it fly into a tree at the rear of my house and I walked outside with the camera. It let me get to within 10 feet and snap all the photo's I wanted too. Seems strange that it isn't afraid of me.



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Looks like an immature barred owl. I am not sure but I think the nesting season just ended. I know we had a nest of scrrech owls in our owl box. About a week or so ago the owlets left the nest. We watched the male bring food to the nest for several weeks. For the last week we have watched four screech owls flying around our backyard catching insects getting as close as 15 or 20 feet from us.


Have to love owls, there is just something mysteriuos about them.



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