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Some New Carvings And Some Bad Luck


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Hello everyone!


The last weeks and months were quite exhausting here in the mountain of austria. Heavy rain and floods made hole slops slip down. We had some serious damage. We lost some cars and the shack where i stored most of my materials is gone. Thank god no one got harmed in our valley.


Here some impressions




that what our car looks like aft 2km of river ;)





We have a lot of work outside and sometimes it is a little depressing seeing all devastation in our valley. But I set up a new workingarea for me so i can go on with my hobby to get my brain free frome time to time.



Because of this experience I started a hei matau where I tryed to picture and remeber the flood (my dogies saved a bone for me :D ).








... and finaly I finnished my 2nd antler - a phoenix, a bird whiche burns fiercely and is reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises, reborn anew to live again.








Because i did not want a knot in the lashing i put the lock into the antler - so that is the woodpart you just have to plug in to secure it.


I hope you people like it!

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Ohh yes, both of them have fantastic shapes (Always love things I have never seen before).

My favorite though is the first, I really like your abillity to create new forms for such a traditional item.


As for the floods: Sorry to hear that it came that close to your house. I anxiously followed the two main events via the Kleine Zeitung website as the landsides happened litterally left and right of the valley my parents live. As you know, Tragoess got away nearly entirely without damage (just two harmless unreported landslips), yet your area and on the other side it hit the hardest.

Was thinking of you and hoped that you where in the city. I'm just glad that no phisical harm came to you or your loved ones way. Things can be replaced over time, life or health can not.


Best regards on your road to recovery and slowly I'm really starting to look forward to all your new work. I think those two pieces above are your best yet!



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Hello Michiel,


Your courage, positive attitude, and ability to find and create beauty at this time are admirable. I appreciate seeing the photos and reading your story, and having a chance to see the new pieces generated from your new experiences and perspective. I am thankful that you are safe and okay.



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Michiel, Sorry to hear about the floods. Glad to hear that all are well. I like the antler work as I do some myself.

What kind of tools do you use to work the Antler? I use a Dremel tool (rotary tool) with a carbide burr and finish with hand tools. Mostly I use an engravers tool for scraping as it hold an edge for a long time when used in antler.

Thanks for sharing the photo's.

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Thank you all for your kind compliments and your participation!


The weather is getting better here in our smal valley, but as soon it starts raining again, everybody here gets a little bit nervous. It was a real impressing experience and i never would have belived that something can get that deep into our memories! As Billy mentioned, the pictures whiche are still in my head definitely influenced my work and there are some more ideas i like to work on. I think it is important to look forward and to concentrate on the good things one can learn out of such events.




Most of the rough work i did/do with a Dremel and than i use engravers or very smal files (whiche i prefere). Since it is just my 2nd Antler i still have some minor problems. I like to make deep contoures and sometimes i get to deep so i get into the spongy part. But i guess it is just a matter of experience. Most of the antler i own are bended in one or the other way so i took to much of it to get it a little bit straight..

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Events like these form and shape you, change your perspective perhaps? Like Janel said, it's admirable to see you transform such dreadful experience into the hei matau you've crated. It shows your talent. All the best with getting back on track, for every one affected as well.

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