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Kurt K

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"Fantasies of youth" is finally done.


Opalized Agate Wood for the girl 44 x 38 mm

Stone Canyon frame with Obsidian background 66 x 55 mm at maximum points.


Its the biggest seize I have done thus far, and played with combining several materials.


The beginning and some stages



The frame



And finally the whole composition finished up. I like the contrast in the picture to the right best (hence my avatar) as she seems to smile from that angle and she really seems ready to jump out. But unfortunately, I was not able to frame her with the background.



So here is the best shot with the intended background



Got desperate on the face, but even more so about finally finishing something, so my patience wore out. I know it could take at least another couple of days to improve her.



Thanks for looking, and any suggestions on how to improve next time round, is as always very wellcome.


Best regards, Kurt

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Hi Kurt,


I like the girl's lively attitude. I really like how you combined the different contrasting materials. Can you tell us how all the different parts are attached to each other? Is it some kind of epoxy? Do you use pins or anything? Anyways, thanks for sharing these pictures. Seeing work in stages is always illuminating.





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Thanks Tom,


For the moment I just riffled the back of the frame, the girl (she is flat on her back connecting with the OB, I just cut out the side to have her overlap with the frame to give her a stronger illusion of stepping out of the frame) and OB to make the epoxy get a better grip, but I should be able to get everything appart by repolishing the back of the OB and let it overheat as I used regular Superglue. Then, once I get finally hold of some Xthal, I should be able to bond the whole composition for good.


Thanks again for the kind words, Kurt

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